Who am I ?

Robbie North is  a UK based guitarist, songwriter, and sometimes singer. He has been making music since he was about 15 years old, and has a lifetime of playing in cover bands on the local circuit, before taking the plunge and commiting to writing & recording his own material. Robbie tries to write about things that are important to him, even on instrumental tracks, and firmly believies that music has to make a person feel something, some emotion, to be any good.

Robbie's influences are suprisingly eclectic,  and you can find genres ranging from edm to metal on his playlists.

You can usually find Robbie in his studio, either writing,  producing or just being creative- Robbie also likes to make visuals to accompany his music, as often as possible: he feel that it is more interesting to have something to look at if your listening to a track on youtube, for example.

All tracks are written & produced by Robbie, & all instruments are played by him also, unless noted as otherwise on track notes. 

Robbie really hopes you enjoy his music, so please leave him a message and tell him what you think - maybe check out his YOUTUBE channel for videos, and look out for forthcoming tracks- he has a lot more coming soon!

Finally, Robbie must give big love and thanks to his amazing family, without whom this would not be possible.